Nebraska DHHS HAI/AR Program is planning to offer assistance to nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the state in getting their staff fit tested with N-95 masks and train additional personnel in infection prevention and control. This program will also include training a few of the facility staff in performing their own fit testing, and each facility will be receiving its own fit testing equipment. The plan is to provide cost reimbursement to the facilities for their time spent on this project.

This survey will help the Nebraska DHHS HAI/AR Program plan for support and assist with evaluating the impact of this project among Nebraska long-term care facilities. Nebraska DHHS HAI/AR program has collaborated with Nebraska Healthcare Association and LeadingAge Nebraska throughout the planning phase of this project, and this survey has been developed based on the input received from both associations.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can use this survey to inform the Nebraska DHHS HAI/AR program of their intent if they are planning to join this program upon announcement. However, we request that facilities complete this survey even if they have not yet decided to participate in this project to help Nebraska DHHS HAI/AR Program with planning.

The estimated time to complete this survey is 10 minutes.

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